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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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and a manager who gets the very most from his players. and this could be a fun ride to november. why not? this has been our year, cleveland. is a celebration to remember. that first step, and a month long journey is an hour away against a dynamic boston red sox team. no more storybook endings on the big screen. time to make it reality. a special preview of the indians and the red sox in the american league tradition series. next on channel 3 news at 7 pm. from the station that sees the possible. and now, channel 3 news at 7 pm. it is game tonight, here in cleveland. game one of the american
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progressive field, and absolutely beautiful october night for the red sox and the cleveland indians to open up the best-of-five series. both teams have gone threw batting practice and now it's time to get ready for game number 1. the indians have home field advantage. welcome to our special edition here at channel 3 news. jim donovan li here at progressive field. game one, i mean, we look for october heroes, look no farther than the kid that will start in game one today, 25 years old. when indians broke training camp, he was in the bullpen and he gets the ball for game one. the biggest game of the season.
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series. setting up game one between the indians and red sox. what a sight it will be in just a couple of hours. progressive field will be filled to the brim again. october baseball has returned. the indians are a heavy underdog in this divisional series against the boston red sox. imagine being the underdog would the indians -- imagine being the underdog? the indians have home field advantage. they lost five of their last six, they got caught standing around watching the retirement ceremonies and the real strength at fenway park, slipping away. home field is fine, let's face it, pitching wins playoff games. as we saw with the baltimore orioles a few nights ago, it can lead you playoff games as well. what an opportunity for trevor
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girl with the curl as they say. -- travor bayer . to start tonight mess me back in 1997. taking on the new york yankees at yankee's stadium. an instant legend, going the yankees away. that's what travor bayer to do it tonight. does he have the talent to pull it off? remember, endorsing game two tomorrow. and the indians feel they have the advantage. these red sox are good, but these indians are magical in this ballpark. 11 walkoff wins this year. yes, october baseball is back.
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joining me on game one. coming up in 20 minutes. and 20 minutes travor bayer will go out to that bullpen. danny salazar made that walk a few years ago. with the playoff game against tampa. it was unbelievable to channel the energy the right way. can he do that?? he talked about -- terry francona talked about yesterday, you are right, he is going to be carried out to the mound by the fans. taking the foot off the gas pedal last week, they lost five of the last six and a lot of retirement ceremonies. then probably, but that this game would be played at fenway park? both these teams laid different teams at home, the indians scored 130 more runs here at
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all that david ortiz stuff got in the way. >> let's talk about the indians. he was here to add power and pop. >> he has been tremendous. the clubhouse presence that he has brought, it's one thing to bring the presence to the lineup, and we talked about the need for right-handed power hitter for a long time. and john talked about yesterday, is the same gu in boston. >> they have to have a guy that has been there. he won a world series with the red sox. this talk about yan gomes. he had a rough year at the play. ? -- >> are you surprised they're going to go with three
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they look at him, and the pitching staff, they love him. he struggled at the plate, but sometimes in october, some of the most unlikely stories develop. it would be great to have yan gomes get some big hits for them. >> let's say that travor bayer can sign up for six innings. getting to the seventh.? you talk about a >> you talk about a guy that has lifted us bullpen to another level. looking at andrew miller, and david ortiz, seeing that matchup would be worth the price of admission. >> with a five-game series, if you take the first one and still it, it's better, but what they have hanging over them is david price, going with a
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pressure on him. this is fun, this is great. ? thanks, -- >> thanks a lot. were going over to the first base dugout. -- we are going to the first based ago. >> at the top, going up against his former team. he was the manager of the red sox for eight seasons, five playoff appearances and two world championships. we are now reaping the rewards of having him as a manager and cleveland. and going up against his best friend. helping him with questions comparing the red sox team to the one team he managed. picked joked about david ortiz,
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him to beat him. zero losing season so far, but it is his first time in the playoffs. has players mayor ham, and this is what he is so proud of this team. >> the fact, that we never lost three games in a row at all this year speaks of the resiliency. my goodness, i hope it doesn't start now. >> also, special for terry francona, his the ceremonial first pitch but he played with the indians in 1959 into the early 60s. he's a phenomenal person. terry francona will not go public with this but he will make a personal. you know darn well he would love nothing more than to beat his former employer. >> thank you very much.
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between these two organizations. the fans are pumped up. our facebook friends at wkyc 3, we asked if the indians can make it to the world series? roxanne says that she has her fingers crossed, legs crossed, and i would cross my eyes but my mother said they would stay like that forever. let's go tribe. from sue, yes, yes, yes, we are from cleveland. we are never out until we are out. go tribe one -- go tribe . we roll along on game night, game one, indians and red sox.
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welcome back, on a beautiful night. you cannot ask for a better night here in october for the indians to open up the divisional series as they take on the boston red sox tonight. i am joined by chris antonetti. congratulations, you guys did a great job.
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to watch. -- i am here with chris antonetti. this has been great. of really fun team to watch. >> at the beginning of the year, it will go this way, but you guys had to make a lot of adjustments, because of the phenomenal pitching staff got hit wi is unbelievable. >> it really is, i'm not sure if this is the way we would have started out but we had a lot of confidence. but travor bayer is prepared for this moment. >> let's get a little bit more
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andrew miller. it's tough to give up prospects but he will look good. >> is a difficult deal for us to make as an organization but we were fortunate that we were able to get that kind of talent to trade. >> what about the walkoff wins. you had the most of anybody, and there were a lot of them here, you are down and out in the ninth inning, the mid-90s, and never felt like they were out of it here. >> we had some very memorable games here, and it was a fun environment for our fans, our players. we will come out on top. >> let's talk about this. the indians and the team, terry francona, and the organization, decided to get involved with the foundation, helping kids in the inner city and getting them some good
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siding that after reflecting on things, and what has been going on in the news. he wanted to make a difference in impact. and then got the player involvement in fan engagement. and we got our ownership involve. it has snowballed. is a cool initiative. >> that is really good work, especially at a critical time in cleveland. taking on a historic franchise, with so much, so many crossovers, -- >> the two historic franchises have history together. hopefully it can be another chapter. >> thank you, again. it has been a great baseball season. congratulations. >> thank you very much, it has been a lot of fun. >>chris antonetti joining us. will we come back, up next, hurricane matthew is turning towards the florida coast.
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people moved out of the storm path. we will tell you where the hurricane will likely land although that is next. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want don't miss the columbus day sale going on now! save $400 on the queen c4 mattress set, with 24 month financing and free home delivery.
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that -- back at progressive field.
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at the beautiful nikon we are the beneficiaries, probably because what is turning southeast of us. we will be looking at that story today. reaching florida, where officials are reaching -- telling people to reach higher ground. >> time is running out, do not take a chance. mandatory evacuations extended from florida to south carolina. hurricane matthew has battered th two red cross response vehicles in the number of volunteers from northeast ohio and down to the southeast out the costar. there are no such -- >> there are no suspects who shot two girls. we asked metrohealth medical center of both children, but the families asked for privacy and that information not be released.
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this investigation. discussing police relations. take a look at this, it is a rare and powerful summit eruption. it has had a history of explosion. this is the most gripping video of the volcano that has been exploding often on since 2008. speaking place is going to corrupt. >> that well. >> and a little bit. this is what home field advantage is all about. i want to get down there and get tickets. look at that area. that filled up immediately, energy high, is going to be an
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>> let's go inside, with all the story on matthew, and what a beautiful day it has been here in cleveland. type for weather. here is betsy. our weathers no problem. you can see here where the big album is, freeport bahamas -- where the big problems are. freeport bahamas, you can see right here. it will make its way back out to the west. the highest winds associated with the storm are near the eye, and the winds start to decrease as you go out. the problem is, this is on shore flow. look at this, 6 am, 100 mile per hour sustained winds from the north. by 6 pm, look how those winds come around. you can tell where the storms going to be just offshore with 78 you can tell where the storms going to be just
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saturday morning the high wind threat will move out of florida up into the carolinas where there are hurricane warnings, believe it or not, there is a hurricane warning for orlando. they are expecting a lot of those high winds. i mentioned the storm surge, this is where it will be the worst. the water piles into this concave coastline. it will be a really rough 48 hours for florida. and the southeast coast. an plains, there are tornadic storms going on. it will bring us a chance for showers. friday, it is more sunshine got temperatures cool the stocco we will be in the upper 50s in the morning, shooting into the 70s for the afternoon, i'm telling you, partly cloudy skies for first pitch tomorrow, it's going to be beautiful. we will make it to 80 degrees. we made it to 81 degrees.
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will be cool saturday and sunday and highs 60 degrees. sunshine for next week, and temperatures warming back up into the 70s by the middle of next week. back out to you. when we come back after the break, we will scouts the boston red sox, those powerful american east
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the window nation sports report. >> joining us, do they mind not having home-field advantage? >> they have been a good team at home. but in the second half of the
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the boston red sox, beating cleveland here with the second- best offense, this game will come down to the starting pitchers. these are young contender. the indians want to get the game to the bullpen. they will get some runs, and then put some meat on travor bayer . >> tigers, 22 winds. >> the turnarounds amazing. making around $20 million. what a rip off. a bad choice to how will they get away from the sky? he comes around this year and a lot of people are expecting a winner. his controls, he's a relaxed
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he's been the stud and they're going to need him to do that again. >> a little shaky, last week, -- >> and has been bad, they're paying him to be their top guy in the plans that you know when you need your best reliever to come on? and on non-save situation. he has been sketchy and those situations. on the flipside, andrew miller, he's a lockdown guy, indians get that lead coming out of the six, this place is going to be electric. miller will settle in, and with that lineup they may not build a get any hits off of him. >> is the retirement stuff over? >> i think so. they had they have david ortiz. all that is gone now. he has his family on the field.
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box. right now, all baseball. he seems relaxed. ? thank you very much. -- >> thank you very much. >> there it is, the table is set, the indians and red sox are ready to go there at progressive field. the indians have home-field advantage. they did so well in kansas city. and the red sox stumbled a bit when you have home-field advantage up to make it cash in. they will try to do that here tonight in game one. thank you for joining us. entertainment tonight is next.
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?? ?? kim kardashian back in the public eye. >> how are you, kim? >> amid kidnapping fears over her kids. >> give me a kiss. >> tonight we're breaking down her reported 24/7 security plan that comes with a jaw-dropping price tag and a body >> plus is melissa etheridge slamming angelina jolie in song. >> you better watch what you say. >> only we are on set with tom cruise. big stunt, bigger action, not a hair out of place. >> i don't get it. >> plus our night out with michael weatherly, the proud papa. >> and behind the scenes of matt leblanc transformed from our favorite friend. >> how you doi


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